Iacoi Law Office and Closing Procedures

Updated:  March 23, 2020

Iacoi Law would like to emphasize that operations at our Boston, Providence and Westerly Offices are continuing without interruption. 

For your own safety and the safety of all of our staff, we have updated our office access and closing policy:

1.      As mandated by the State of Rhode Island and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we cannot allow more than 5 people in the building at once, including employees.  This may mean that waiting in your car until it is your turn to come in to sign will be a reality. 

2.      Anyone who is not signing should not attend the closing.  Although we fully understand that realtors and loan officers are an integral part of the process, at this time they cannot be in attendance.  Please be available by telephone or email for your client.

3.      All  Closings will be held in either our Providence conference room at 171 Broadway, Providence, Rhode Island, or Boston office located at Lewis Wharf Bay 228, Boston, MA.  We will be sterilizing each conference room after each closing.

4.      Please bring your own blue pen, or use one of our sterilized pens.

5.      We will make available to you plastic or latex gloves to use and dispose of after your closing.

6.      By mid-week, in addition to video conferencing,  we will be installing a completely secure dual camera system where the Attorney will stay in a separate room and you can sign via TV monitor while he guides you through your loan documentation and paperwork.  This is a secure system that is not connected to the internet in any way and does not make a recording of you, the lender/financial information, or the closing procedure in any way.

7.      Please provide your email address and we will send you a secure message containing a copy of your loan documents after the closing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email us at or call Jim Iacoi directly at 401-265-3183 or John Iacoi at 617-759-9000, and we will respond in a timely manner.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and we will all get through this together.