Our attorneys have more than thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services to institutional and individual clients.  We service Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

Our early roots were in providing real estate-related legal advice to commercial and residential real estate clients, and while we continue to be a leader in that field and provide a full suite of real estate-related services, our services have expanded significantly in recent y ears to include corporate matters, succession planning, family law, trust & estates, probate matters, liquor licensing, and civil litigation.

Our clients include start-ups, well-established corporations, and individuals in need of personalized legal advice.

Our team thoughtfully and rigorously pursues the legal objectives of each and ever client and is very skilled at taking complex legal concepts and communicating those concepts in a simple and straightforward manner that allows clients to make thorough and well-informed decisions.

We focus on providing highly-individualized and cost-effective legal services.  Our attorneys and staff members pride themselves on their ability to develop strong client relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and collaboration -- and we are always highly responsive to our clients' needs.  There are no exceptions to that philosophy.

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