Dear Attorney Iacoi, I am writing this email to express my sincere gratitude for the most professional representation.  I continue to pray that you are well and keep safe during these tough uncertain times.  Mr. Iacoi, the word "thank you" is not sufficient to show you how much we appreciate your dedication and empathy in this matter; you have stuck with us throughout this stressful, nightmare case.  We truly appreciate your empathy, work ethic and mostly we recognize your remarkable representation.  We would not hesitate to recommend you and the Law firm as excellent attorneys to any of our friends or acquaintances.  Sincere thanks, Pamela & Ruby (Jan, 2024)


"[Iacoi Law] took care of everything from start to finish!" - Sandy B. (5/7/20)


"I totally appreciate everything [Iacoi Law has] done for me. Heard your name tossed around town in a good way for many years. Nice doing business." - Peter F. (5/2/20)


"Great experience with the Iacoi Team" - (4/29/20)


"Great attorney. Explains everything clearly." - David G. (2/18/20)


"If I can't implicitly trust my attorney on all matters I have the wrong attorney. I've known and trusted the Iacois since 1978, for over 38 years. I trust them implicitly." - Eddie M. (2/18/20)


"Thank you guys for helping us get this done working around the pandemic and our constraints" - Sam K. (6/16/20)


"Thanks, Jim, for making it so easy and nice to see you again!" - Teresa G. (7/10/20)


I'm glad to have had [Shayne] and John's guidance through this very nerve racking process...I'm happy to know that [Shayne] and John are still here for anything. - Margeline M. (7/16/20)


This could not have gone smoother, thank you both for all your help. I really appreciate it. - Tom M. (8/14/20)


I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thanks to you...you were always helpful and insightful throughout this process which made me feel at ease. - Edward K. (12/4/20)